Loft & Home Extensions

Experience meets Expertise

Ceren Construction is your number one builder If you are looking to add a house extension or a loft onto your current property, we have the experience and connections to build your loft or extension. Whether all you need is a little bit more space, or if you would like to double the size of your building, we can help you.

Over our many years in the construction industry, our extensions and lofts have helped people to make their current home into the house of their dreams.

Extending the kitchen, master bedroom and family room are the most common room extensions. Those three rooms tend to be the most important to home owners, because those are where they spend the majority of their time. If these rooms are on the outer edges of the house, it will be easier to knock down the existing wall and build a new one a few feet farther into the yard. You can use the same materials and colours that already exist in the room or add a completely different element by making the entire wall windows instead. This is also a great opportunity to add a fireplace or other element to the room.

Any extensions we do for you will blend perfectly with your current brickwork, or walling, to give a completely authentic appearance. We will conduct all of our work with health and safety, and quality assurance in mind at all times.

As every building and client is different, we believe a discussion of your requirements is the best place to start. Please contact us to begin the process today.

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Us at Ceren Construction specialise in converting your old impractical loft space into practical, usable spaces for the whole family to enjoy. The additional space created is perfect for bedrooms, a playroom, a study, or even a gym – the possibilities are endless!

Upsizing needn’t require extension work, and can simply make use of the space that is already there, wasted and unused, as well as adding value to your home. Roof windows and dormers can also provide stunning views of the local area.

A loft offers versatility in terms of what it can be used for, turning a conservatory into a bedroom or bathroom is not a viable option, but with a loft, the options are endless.

Experience meets expertise

Because we have been around for such a long time, there isn’t much we haven’t done in the way of conversion work before. If there’s one thing we know, it’s loft conversions. This is why with us, you can expect a fully professional job every time.